I want my children to be carefree.

Wear fros and cornrows,

Speak their language unapologetically,

Read books celebrating their history,

stories of bronze Gods dressed in human flesh

Walking among us,

Reborn in every generation

Mythical, mystical but oh so real

I want my children to believe in their magic,

Tell these tales and see themselves,

proud of their blood,

Their brown skin,

Their big lips,

Their inheritance,

Walk through the world wrapped in ancestral wisdom,



And filled with joy.

One thought on “carefree black children are the cure 

  1. There’s an excellent children’s book edited by Nikki Giovanni called, “Hip-hop Speaks to Children” all by POC poets/rappers, even one by Martin Luther King. I just ordered it last month and my girls love the engaging rhythm and the bright illustrations. Your girls might also like it, even now if you read it animatedly.

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